Ever Hair Co™ was born as an extension of The Straightening Salon, a non-toxic hair straightening salon located in Sydney, Brisbane & the Gold Coast, helping women feel amazing through healthy manageable hair. Ever Hair Co™ brings the ethos and approach to quality hair care and beauty beyond the confines of the salon, to the comfort of your home.

“At Ever Hair Co, we practice what we preach. We wanted to create our ideal product range that we would want to use ourselves and feel proud to recommend to our clients. I’m excited for Ever Hair Co™ to change the way we view quality hair care”

Ever Hair Co™ is the embodiment of our commitment to quality and sustainable hair care. We believe hair care should be seen as an important step in everyone's self care routine. Like with skincare and the food that nourishes our bodies, the ingredients, quality and benefits should be the deciding factors when selecting your hair care products. The route to long-term healthy hair is to nourish your hair with the care it deserves. That means nourishing from within, as well as the haircare that touches our skin and hair.

Whether you’re looking for smoothness or to stimulating new hair growth, Ever Hair Co’s hair care and collagen products have been designed with hair health at the heart.

To begin our range we are starting from within and introducing our EverLasting range!
Ever Hair Co EverLasting Collagen™ is a combination of three highly purified Bioactive Collagen Peptides that takes hair care to the next level. As well as our popular night-time beauty blend, EverLasting Beautiful Dreamer™ to enhance your beauty sleep and wake up glowing!

Meet the founder

Following a long–term career in banking & finance, Ever Hair Co founder, Renee Vallender, made the seachange to a slower, more purposeful life in the beautiful coastal town of Casuarina, NSW. Whilst on maternity leave with her first born, Renee was searching for the thing that would set her soul on fire and align with her values. 

Two months postpartum, Renee had her hair chemically straightened after a long wait while being pregnant and unable to have the treatment. With the same expectations from previous treatments - straightening felt completely life changing as a new mother, but confusion sunk in about all the chemicals and her longer term goal of a low-tox lifestyle.

The business idea blossomed from there, thinking about all the other women who could experience the same joy by introducing straightening in their lives, while continuing on a low-tox journey. Everything soon fell into place.

After training to become a qualified hairdresser, Renee opened The Straightening Salon on the Gold Coast’s Kirra Beach in 2020, followed a year later by Sydney & then Brisbane in 2023. Aside from a low-tox life being important to Renee, it was equally important that The Straightening Salon provided non-toxic products to cater to both pregnant & breastfeeding mums. The Straightening Salon strives to make every client leave feeling how Renee did that day.

Ever Hair Co was a passion project born as an extension of The Straightening Salon. We want to help
women feel amazing in achieving healthy manageable hair outside of our salons. After a dedicated year of commitment, research and ample trial batches, we’re confident you will fall in love with the quality and science behind Ever Hair Co, too.